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Competition Law Policy


As is recognised within the Competition Act 1998 (The Act), Trade Bodies/Standards Bodies need to exercise care to ensure compliance with the Act. Trade associations such as Origo Services Ltd (which is the parent company of Origo Secure Internet Service Ltd) can be held liable in their own right for competition law infringements. In addition members of, or participants in trade associations, can be directly liable and subject to the same sanctions. It should be noted that decisions of associations such as Origo Services Ltd could constitute agreements between its members.

The Board of Directors of Origo Services Ltd has therefore made this policy statement:

  • It is Origo Services Ltd's policy to prevent any violation of any competition law with respect to any activities carried out under its auspices.
  • Origo Services Ltd will not become involved, in the competitive business decisions of its member companies, nor will it take any action that could prevent, restrict or distort competition in breach of relevant competition laws (in particular the UK Competition Act 1998 and Articles 81 and 82 of the EU Treaty of Rome).
  • Members, contributors and/or attendees at any of Origo Services Ltd's meetings, forums, working groups, presentations, seminars or other events must remember that they may well be marketplace competitors and that therefore any action or agreement which may potentially prevent, restrict or distort competition is likely to be unlawful. Members, speakers and attendees must individually exercise caution during such meetings to prevent a potential violation of the Act.
  • Competition compliance is the responsibility of every Origo Services Ltd member, contributor and/or attendee at any Origo Services Ltd event.