Unipass Securemail

Send and receive secure emails with a minimum of fuss. Simple, fast and safe email encryption that helps you to protect your customers and your organisation.

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Simple, free security

Unipass Securemail desktop software is free to financial services advisers and software suppliers and helps you communicate securely with your customers.

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Anyone can use it

You can secure communications for individuals or entire companies. You don’t need to install software – you can use just your browser. Or if you prefer, we can provide desktop or server software.

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Keep your inbox

Emails encrypted using Unipass Securemail will continue to be delivered into your existing inbox exactly as they are now. They won’t be held in some remote website, and you won’t have to search across multiple places to find an email.

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Peace of mind

We use best in class technology to protect and secure the contents of your communications. This ensures that only the intended recipient can read the email, and view any attachments, that you send.

How does Unipass Securemail work?

Unipass Securemail is available to financial services advisers, product / platform providers and software suppliers and lets them exchange secure email communications.

There are three ways you can use Unipass Securemail:

In browser: Using Unipass Securemail this way couldn’t be simpler. All you need is an internet connection and your authentication credentials.

Inbox plugin: This extension to the functionality of your existing email inbox enables you to secure emails at the click of a button.

Gateway: Ideal for organisations. The gateway solution provides coverage across an entire organisation - protecting staff, data and customers.

A version of the software from our strategic partner - Trend Micro - is also freely available to consumers, meaning you can use Securemail to send sensitive emails to your customers.

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Start using Unipass Securemail today

If you already have a Unipass Identity you can start using Unipass Securemail immediately.

• Use your Unipass Identity credentials to verify who you are when reading or sending encrypted emails.

• You can send, and reply to, secure emails straight from your browser using browser based software.

If you do not have a Unipass Identity, apply for one using our simple three step process.

Download the Unipass Securemail plugin to send encrypted emails from your Outlook or Windows Live Mail.

Interested in installing a Unipass Securemail Gateway? Get in touch.

Who can I use it with?

We make Securemail available to financial advisers, all of whom can use it to secure messages between themselves. A version of the software is also freely available to consumers, meaning you can use Securemail to send sensistive emails to clients.

You can currently use Unipass to securely send emails to the following product providers.

Canada Life
Old Mutual
Royal London