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Unipass Identity

One identity that can be used with multiple organisations - on any device. It's simple, secure and free.

Apply for your own Unipass Identity today



No credit card details or subscriptions needed. Our service is free for end users.



Designed for the financial services industry and used by over 40,000 advisers in around 8,500 organisations. Unipass Identity is easy to apply for and simple to use.

Any device

Any device

Unipass Identity can now be used on tablets and mobile devices. No matter what device you use, it is business as usual.



Having one secure online identity helps to remove the risk of online fraud and theft. It also makes it easier for you to log on to multiple financial services websites.

How does Unipass Identity work?

Unipass Identity provides you with one secure online account which you can then use to log in to multiple financial services websites.

With your Unipass Identity account you can download and store a Unipass Certificate but will also have a Unipass Username / Passphrase that you can use on mobile devices to help you conduct business whilst you are on the move.

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Quickly & easily create your Unipass Identity

The application process is simple to do and quick to complete, with only a few security steps to ensure that your Unipass Identity is protected.

Apply online in just three simple steps:

1. Provide (or confirm) the details of the organisation that you work for.

2. Provide your individual details.

3. Confirm the details that you have entered and submit your application.

Your organisation’s Unipass controller will then review and approve your Unipass Identity application.

Once approved, your Unipass Identity will be available for use.