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Brand style guide

This guide has been produced to help designers create, and maintain, consistently high quality marketing communications for all Unipass branded services.

This page provides information on branding, visual identity, tone of voice, use of colours and fonts. The information shown here will help you make the best use of your skills to represent the Unipass style



The logo is to be used in a horizontal format as shown below. Minimum logo width should be 94px and maximum width for use on web should be 140px. Utilising the colour version on a white background or the white version on a blue background.

The logo must have a minimum of 20px of clearance top and bottom and no other elements should sit on the left or right hand side of the logo unless they are a minimum distance of 100px away.


Colour palette

Unipass use two primary brand colours. These are #0061a7 and #8ed1e3.

Example Unipass logo

Most other colours through the site are tints or shades of the primary blue, #0061a7. The exception being for type and success / error states.

Example Unipass logo



The Unipass website uses Open Sans as its primary typeface. The font files for this are served locally via Font Face.

Open Sans was chosen for its ability to work well as part of the user interface, compliment the primary brand and provide a legible foundation for headings and body copy.

The weights used are:





Photography is used throughout the site, revolving primarily around people shots and has a very distinctive theme to fit with Unipass' products.

All shots should have a depth of field or bokeh effect where the person, accompanied by or using a device, should be in focus. The person should always be looking at their device and never at the user. The user should also never be able to see what is on the persons screen. This symbolises the secure connection between the person and their device that Unipass provides.

Unipass Identity Image

Relying parties logos

Provider logos should be provided to Unipass in a format of a 280x280px .png file. The logo should sit centred inside of the square and the square should have a background colour of #ebf2f5.

See example below:

origo logo

You can download a template and guide below to help you prepare your logo in the relevant format.